Hardwood Floor Refinishing

exactly and how to get affordable Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Understand how the hardwood floor refinishing is done

Hardwood Floor is very popular lately and was in the past you can find wood floors that are 100 years old. Although wood, in the 70s, lost a little its popularity, now it has returned as a strong trend. Before, it lost its space for ceramics, however, the advantages that wood offers stand out from other materials  for the classic look, and  easy maintenance. The wooden floor can be renovated with a restoration, something that does not happen with other materials. Here I will explain how, a restoration process that renews the look of the wooden floor is done.

There are many steps on the process and many details to discuss here. I will try to be as brief as possible.You can check more details in my blog I will try to keep posting. If you have any question send it trought here in contact form. All areas will be sanded down, stain will be applied and after that urethane.This may sound easy but the whole process takes from 3 to 5 days and you will need to have the rooms cleared from any furniture. You and  your family and pets should also relocate for the time when the company you hire works. Why? The fumes of the products that are used are very strong and may cause harm. Also you don’t want to keep stepping on the areas that are under renovation during the process and ruin the job that is being done.

hardwood floor refinishing
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hardwood floor refinishing

Dust Free

When it comes to this perfectly sanded floor and dust free environment, quality of sanding machine plays one of the most crucial roles in keeping your house clean, and achieving this perfect, smooth texture finish. To keep your house free of dust

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Is the  whole process of wood floor restoration.The process consists in first sanding and getting rid of all old poly and trying to get scratches out. Sanding is the most important of all the steps if not done properly you won't get a smooth surface instead you will see scratches from the sanding machines. That's why redoing your floors is not a DIY project you must hire a professional. They will use many different sanding machines, a big one for open spaces, there is one that is called edger sander and as its name says it is for sanding the perimeter (edges). Also the wood needs to be sanded with different sandpapers to be ready and smooth for the next step, Staining.Applying stain can also be tricky is you don’t have the technique you will get some dark spots.There is many different brands and colors the most popular one is duraseal. After the stain is applied usually they will be back only the next day because the stain needs time to dry and make sure your house is with the heater or AC on.Finally last step poly. Polyurethane will protect your wood, two or three coats is the recommended, between each coat light sanding is done in order for the top coat to adhere.  This is usually the most exciting step as you finally get to see the finished product. Basically that’s the process products and some extra steps maybe taken depending on your species of wood and the conditions of it, leave that to the professionals that you have to completely trust is not appropriate to hire a pro for then give them directions they will know the products that they trust and know. We always try to find information and do research and that is great! Hope I can help a little.

Sanding Equipment

Using the best equipment to sand your floor is crucial in ensuring an even, smooth texture. Some of  the highest quality German sander is called  “Hummel” and Swedish designed “Bona” is a company that make products for  refinishing wood floors.

A superior sanding machine in the hands of trained sanding professionals is a killer combination. As a result, your floor will come out smooth, even and ready for the best finish you have ever witnessed. It Is important that if you had carpet before and it was recently removed, all nails and staples should be lift out if you are willing to do that part yourself you may save a buck but I’ll tell you something is not a good experience and takes lots of time usually there is like thousands of them and some get stuck I would rather pay to do it but if you spare time go for it!  At the end of the day, you will have the results you have only dreamed about.

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