Hardwood Floor Refinishing

exactly and how to get affordable Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Understand how this maintenance is done on the
hardwood floor refinishing

Although wood, in the 70s, lost a little its popularity, now it has returned as a strong trend. Before, it lost its space for ceramics, however, the advantages that wood offers stand out for this and other materials, including maintenance. The wooden floor can be renovated with a restoration, something that does not happen with other materials. In this article, discover the scraping, a restoration that renews the look of the wooden floor.
hardwood floor refinishing
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hardwood floor refinishing

Dust Free

When it comes to this perfectly sanded floor and dust free environment, quality of sanding machine plays one of the most crucial roles in keeping your house clean, and achieving this perfect, smooth texture finish. To keep your house free of dust

Hardwood Floor Refinishing your floor is truly the whole process, in the floor sanding business it means the final step of the wood floor restoration. This is usually the most exciting step as you finally get to see the finished product. After your wood floor has been sanded, it will need to be stained and gap filled to perfection. In the next step we are ready to get down to finalising the job and sealing the bare wood surface with varnish, oils or wax. All these methods and products have their own advantages. Type of product will mainly depend on your needs and desired floor look.

Sanding Equipment

Using the best equipment to sand your floor is crucial in ensuring an even, smooth texture. This is why we only use the highest quality German made “Hummel” and Swedish designed “Bona” for our hardwood floor refinishing sanding projects.

A superior sanding machine in the hands of one of our trained sanding professionals is a deadly combination. As a result, your floor will come out smooth, even and ready for the best finish you have ever witnessed. This is our specialty so our London floor sanding team will not cut any corners. We will make sure we remove any nails or staples prior to sanding and use only the right sanding paper. At the end of the day, our team will get you the results you have only dreamed about.

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